How to activate DND in vodafone

How to Activate DND in Vodafone, Start DND in Vodafone

The full form of DND is Do Not Disturb. If you a Vodafone user and if you want to Activate DND in Vodafone so this post for you. here we know about How to start DND in Vodafone. if you don’t know about DND service, First we should know

What is DND?

Friends, whenever we use a SIM card in a smartphone, a lot of offers are given to us by the SIM card company through messages and Calls.

we get many calls and messages in which we get New offers and a lot of schemes are told, but sometimes, the messages start bothering us so much, then DND makes such a click.

If you want to turn off these messages and calls, then you can switch it to DND mode.

DND mode means do not disturb mode. In do not disturb mode, you are turned off unnecessary messages and calls by the company.

How to Activate DND in Vodafone?

Method 1 – Online Activate DND  

Step 1. search online for Vodafone DND Page or Click Here

Step 2.  enter required details like email, full name, and Number which you want to activate DND.

Step 3. Now click on yes below full DND.

Step 4. Fill given Captcha.

Step 5. Click on Submit.



Method 2 – Via Call or SMS

activate DNd in Vodafone

1. if you want to activate DND in Vodafone via a call so Call ON IVR number 1909 and follow the instructions to activate DND.

2. If you activate DND via SMS, then type START 0 and Send it in 1909. now DND started in your Vodafone number.


Method 3Via My Vodafone app

Start DND in vodafone

Step1.  download My Vodafone app from the play store or app store.

Step2. Log in with details.

Step3. Go to DND settings.

Step4. Turn off DND.




How to activate DND In Vodafone Hindi.

1. अपने वोडाफोन नंबर पर DND एक्टिवेट करने के लिए सबसे पहले वोडाफोन की निम्नलिखित साइट पर जाएं|

2. इस साइट पर जाने के बाद में आप अपना ईमेल एड्रेस नाम और वोडाफोन नंबर टाइप करके log in करें|

3. अब DND उसका ऑप्शन पर क्लिक करके कैप्चर फिल करें|

4. अब सबमिट पर क्लिक करें |

दोस्तों आप अब आपके फोन नंबर पर डीएनडी सर्विस एक्टिवेट हो गई है अगर आप इसे कॉल या मैसेज के माध्यम से करना चाहते हैं

आप अपने वोडाफोन नंबर से 1909 dial करके इंस्ट्रक्शंस फॉलो कीजिए और SMS से डीएनडी सर्विस एक्टिवेट करने के लिए अपने वोडाफोन नंबर से START 0 टाइप करके 1909 पर सेंड कीजिए पर आपकी डीएनडी सर्विस एक्टिवेट कर दी जाएगी

Final words

I hope that after reading this post, you have activated DND service in your Vodafone friends. If you are facing any problem in activating Vodafone on DND service, then you can comment on our team. You will try to reply to this as soon as possible, you can share it with your friends.

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