how to win in ludo king

How To Win Ludo King Game, Ludo Tips and tricks

Nowadays Ludo is becoming the most popular game in our society. in this post, we begin how to win Ludo. Ludo is a simple board game that you can play with your friends and your family. the help of this game you Recall your childhood.

About Ludo King Game –

Ludo King also available on Desktop, mobile windows, IOS, Android, and windows. Ludo king also available in Offline and Online mode. you can play ludo king with a local player, computer or with an online player. ludo is one of the most popular casual games.

Ludo King has 100M + downloads in google play store.

If you want to play ludo king game and also want to become a pro player of ludo king. so here we provide some simple but very important ludo tips and tricks to win Ludo king. from the help of these tips and tricks, you can become a real king of ludo.

Important Tips to Win Ludo Game –

here we listed some important tips to win a ludo game if you follow these steps so you can able to win any ludo game.

How to win ludo game

1. Set a game strategy –

Before starting a ludo game you need to set your playing strategy about the game how to play, how to manage dices, how to beat opponent piece, etc. you must to be set how to you proceed the game and how to win it. you need to decide your game goals is about to play safe and win or about killing an opponent and win the game.


2. Unlock all the piece Judiciously – 

whenever you play a ludo game first try to unlock all the pieces soon as when you have a chance to unlock it. from this tip you away from the bad process in-game and help to improve the result.


3. Try to safe your piece –

first, try to unlock all pieces after it tries to save your piece from the opponent player. to make safe your dose try to stable it on only the safe point on the board. there is a total of 8 safe points available in the ludo board. there are 2 safe points on both sides of a starting dice home of ludo.


4. Don’t Over Focus on Single piece – 

the biggest mistake of the loser in ludo game they focus on only a single piece more than more. don’t run a single piece too much. just try to proceed with more pieces as much as. set a variation for each piece. you should divide all the numbers you get for each piece.


5. kill Opponent piece –

try to kill your opponent piece soon as soon as possible. try to use the numbers you got in the right way and focus on killing the opponent’s piece soon. this is the most important factor to win the ludo game if you kill the opponent piece you have more chance to win the game.


6. Take time to throw dice –

to win a ludo or any other game we need to know the algorithm of the game. don’t throw your dice quick and don’t throw your dick too late just set a better time no too fast and no too late to throw dice.

7. try to double piece –

always try to double your piece in the same place. this point we increase the chance of killing opponent pieces soon.

8. Calculate Risk before Move –

A good ludo player always calculates all the risks before the move any piece also you should be calculated risk before killing opponents.

9. use of stars – 

Stars Point is the most important thing in a ludo board you can able to sure win a ludo game if you know how to use the best use of stars in a ludo game. here you can save your piece and also use of stars you can kill the opponent.


Final words –

here we listed simply but a very important thing or strategy about win a ludo game. if you follow these strategies when you play ludo so you have a lot of chances to win a ludo game. must read our post about the most addicting game.

we shape that these tips and tricks help you to win a ludo game. we listed the most useful points to win the ludo game all over the internet. you feel free to ask your queries our team try to answer as soon as possible. please comment your feedback about this post.




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