What is FTTH BSNL full form, customer care,best plans, Installation

What is FTTH BSNL full form, customer care,best plans, Installation


here we know about BSNL FTTH full form, BSNL FTTH Customer care, best FTTH plans, also Installation charges BSNL reviews in this post.

If you understand FTTH ( fiber to the home) in the simplest language, it means that you get multiple services multiple facilities from a single connection, it is basic that you have to take only one service from one operator so that you can access many facilities in that same connection. FTTH provides us speed more than old copper vire technology.

You have to take a Pix plan and in which you have to pay under the same Pix plan and your multiple services run in the same single plan. Whether you want to play TV, you have to do gaming, you have to use the internet, you have to make video calls, then you can operate all the things of a single together with very good internet speed 0f 100 Mbps.


Full form Of FTTH ( Hindi & English )

Engish –  Fiber To The Home

Hindi    –  फाइबर टू द होम  या फाइबर टू द परिसर


Benefits of FTTH (fiber to the Home) – 

Very good internet speed

In FTTH we get very good internet speed of up to 100 Mbps.

able to use multiple services with a single cable – 

In FTTH, we can operate many services with only one connection, in this, TV can be played, Gaming, Internet, use in mobile, WiFi, etc. All of the online services can take advantage of a single connection.

Budget-friendly –

As you know that many services can operate in the same connection, so you do not need to pay separately for everyone and it is very economical and budget-friendly.

V – Lane technology – 

In FTTH we get to see the V- Lane technology, simple terms, if the same internet connection is used, if more than one user is using at one time then its speed goes down but FTTP technology By developing, it has a will and technology so that if you are using multiple users at one time, its service does not slow down.

Service Over Fiber To The Home –

  • TV over IP Service.
  • Video on Demand ( like VCR )
  • Audio on Demand Service
  • Bandwidth on Demand.
  • Interactive Gaming
  • VPN on broadband
  • Dial-up VPN Service
  • VPLS  ( Virtual Private LAN Service )
  • Remote Education.
  • virtual classroom, Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Video Conferencing.
  • Voice and Video Telephony.

BSNL Bharat Fiber – 

Very good fiber technology supplied by Bharat Fiber BSNL in which users will get very good light speed data speed, in which 256Kbps to 100Mbps, and on many FTTH over services we already mention. You will get to see all those times in it, like IP TV, HD TV, and technology coming in the future like 3D TV, voice video telephony, etc.

BSNL FTTH Best Plans –

here we listed some best plans for BSNL FTTH if you want to know all the plans visit our detailed post on

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BSNL FTTH 499 plan –

In this plan, the users will get 100 GB FUP limited for one month and the bandwidth of 20 GB and  2Mbps speed after Complete FUP limit of 100 GB.

BSNL FTTH 849 plan –

in ₹ 849 Plan User will Get  600 GB CUL,  Bandwidth of 50 Mbps and Fup limit is 600 Gb for a month and after FUp limits the speed of 2Mbps.


BSNL FTTH 500 GB Plan –

in this plan, the user will get 500 GB CUL with 50 Mbps bandwidth and the FUP limit is 500 GB for a month in the price of ₹777 per month.

BSNL FTTH Installation Charges & Review

Installation Cost:    ₹ 2000

Modem/ Router Cost: ₹2500

Plan: it depends on you we mention all the plans in our post you can choose any plans according to your choice and requirement.

Total cost : 4500 + your plan

the connection got installed near 9 – 10 days (the delay was due to lockdown)

bsnl ftth review


Final word –

in this article, we know about BSNL FTTH if you have any type of queries or help you can feel free to submit your feedback in the comment section we try to solve it soon as soon as possible.

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